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  • Kyneton – front elevation
  • Blampied Barn
    Blampied Barn

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  • Korong
    Korong House

    Korong Houses

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Our Previous Projects

  • WEB_IMG_2045_800x600
    Stony Creek Cottage

    PERMACULTURE GARDENS The property is planted for food production, established 10 years ago and producing well. A swaled 49 tree orchard includes a mix of stone fruit, apples, pears, almonds, cherries, plums, pine nut, sugar maple and walnut, interplanted with low wattles and red and black currants. The worm composting toilet treatment system effluent lines […]

  • IMG_9581_800x600
    Gisbourne Residence

    Materials: Brick veneer Built: 2001 Location: Gisbourne

  • mansion_015_800x600

    Material: Masonry veneer Built: 1999 Location: Lyonbank

  • north_west_800x600
    Hill View

    Material: Rendered strawbale Built: 2002 Location: Woodend

  • DSCF0011__800x600
    Milduck Bread and Breakfast

    Materials: Rendered strawbale, recycled brick Built: 1999 Location: Harcourt North Located amid the granite boulder strewn hills of Harcourt, this idyllic B & B is the perfect way for prospective home builders to get a taste of what its like to live within walls of straw.

  • exterior__800x600
    Shepherds Flat Home

    Materials: Mudbrick, recycled timber Built: 1994 with additions 1998 Location: Shepherds Flat

  • 2571_006_800x600
    Shasta Cottage

    Material: Rammed Earth Built: 1995 with additions in 2003 Location: Daylesford

  • 2571_027_800x600
    The Flying Pig

    Material: Rendered strawbale Built: 1997 Location: Daylesford This was the first strawbale B & B in Australia! Now privately owned, the gardens are well estalished creating a very Meditterranean feel to the whole property.

  • F1000020_800x600
    Italian Hill

    Material: Renderd strawbale, cypress pine, cedar weatherboard Built: 1998, additions 2004 Location: Daylesford The Italian Hill house began its life as Bed & Breakfast accommodation, lavishly decorated with furnishings by local artisans, a brass clawfoot bath and rich timber ceiling linings. The steep hillside nature of the site necessitated a timber floor construction which resulted […]

  • DSCF0046_800x600

    Materials: Stone, radial sawn timber, corrugated iron Built: 2005 Location: Castlemaine Surtierra is an Alpacca farm in the Central Goldfields of Victoria. The owners needed a homestead that had pragmatic echos of the traditional farmhouse but rendered with the modern vernacular of energy efficiency and integration with the landscape. The house features the practical elements […]

  • exterior_800x600
    Quarantine Station

    This quarantine station was built on the Pacific Island of Niue to process alpaccas for importation into Australia. We needed to source locally available materials and design according to what we would actually have access to build with. The other challenge was to engineer the building to withstand cyclonic conditions which are prevalent in the […]

  • PANORAMA-01_800x600
    Howe Street Shops

    This commercial development in Daylesford was a conversion of an old triple fronted brick veneer residence into a thriving series of retail tennancies. The building was brought forward to the street and a second storey added to create a well utilised new shopping and service strip for the township.

  • deck_800x600
    Mountain View House

    Material: Rendered strawbale, weatherboard Built: 2005 Location: Woodend Set in a suburban sub-division alongside average, street-facing brick veneers, this chameleon-like home has the ability to fit in with the neighbours while deceptively enveloping an anything but average space. Designed for a family with a young child, the sculptural qualities of strawbale have been utilized here […]

  • DSCF0001_3_800x600
    Yurtle Residence

    Material: Rendered strawbale Built: 2003 Location: Hepburn The idea for this circular plan strawbale hosue was born when the client first walked into the office, declaring that she wanted a strawbale yhurt, inspired by the traditional housing typology of Mongolia. With a little bit of engineering ingenuity, a pine post and beam frame forms a […]

  • 003__800x600
    Food Gallery

    Interior fitout for a popular Daylesford eatery.

  • 002_800x600
    The Pantechnicon

    Remodelling of an existing building into a gallery for contemporary art.

  • Richards_017_800x600
    Kerrie House

    Material: Rendered Strawbale Built: 2009 Location: Kerrie, Victoria

    Blue Mountain House

    Material: Rendered strawbale Built: 2008 Location: Trentham

  • Briscomb_house021_800x600
    The Pavillion

    Material: Rendered strawbale Built: 2008 Location: Victoria

  • 324_800x600
    Murray River House

    Material: Rendered strawbale Built: 2009 Location: Murray River, Victoria

  • NORTH_EAST_800x600
    Forest House

    Material: Rendered strawbale Built: 2005 Location: Wheatsheaf Set in thick bushland, the site is in an extreme bushfire risk area. Rendered strawbale has excellent fire resistant properties and there was no hesitation to use this as the walling material which would help to keep the house warm during Wheatsheaf’s notoriously cold winters. The use of […]

  • 003_800x600
    Daylesford Day Spa

    Formerly a butchery on Albert Street Daylesford, this historic stone building has recently being rescued from its dilapidated state and restored, externally, to its former glory.

  • Schneider003_800x600

    Material: Rendered strawbale Built: 2007 Location: Springmount

  • Micic_007_800x600
    Freshwater Springs

    Material: Weatherboard, corrugated iron Built: 2002 Location: Daylesford This house was designed to be a modest, yet comfortable house for a single retiree. Low maintenance and low running costs were priority outcomes for the realisation of this building. Zincalume was used to clad the roof and walls to the south which are not readily visible, […]

    Ballan House

    Materials: Rendered strawbale, plywood cladding, split-level slab. Size: 156m². 3 bedrooms/study, kitchen/living/dining, laundry, bathroom, outdoor living, double carport. Built: 2006 Location: Ballan The brief for the project was to design a resource efficient home on a modest budget; one which the clients would foresee living in on a long term basis. Low embodied energy in […]

  • 100_1835_800x600
    Sandy Farm

    Materials: Rendered brickwork, corrugated iron, radially sawn timber Built: 2006 Location: Hepburn Shire

  • Greenwood_8_nov_2010_004_800x600
    Cornish Hill

    Material: Corrugated iron, grooved plywood, concrete slab, 2-storey Built: 2006 Location: Hepburn Shire

  • sun_space_from_south_east_800x600
    Lavers Hill

    Material: Rendered strawbale Built: 2007 Location: Cape Otway The Otway Ranges is know as much for its inclement weather as it is for its stunning natural landscapes. This strawbale home needed to have as much protection to the walls as possible while still allowing the maximum amount of winter sun to penetrate the windows. 3D […]

  • Dallas_Kinnear_house_001_800x600
    Jubilee House

    Material: Corrugated iron Built: 2009 Location: Daylesford

  • DSCF5350__800x600
    Gumtree Spring

    Material: Double-skin mudbrick external walls, recycled timber everywhere else! Built: 2010 Location: Hepburn Shire Gumtree Spring is a bush retreat just outside of Daylesford offering holiday accommodation. Unfortunately the original mudbrick house was destroyed by fire and the owners were keen to replace the building, however this time with more emphasis placed on energy efficiency […]

  • DSCF4820_800x600
    Mia Mia

    This four bedroom strawbale home sits acrest an undulating landscape in the granite strewn fields of the Mitchell Shire. We used 3D modelling to determine whether two large trees to the north of the site would interfere with the solar access to the building and then used photo montaging to test the opportunities for the […]

  • DECK-2_800x600
    Hede House

    Material: Recycled timber lining, corrugated iron Built: 2010 Location: Hepburn Shire New holiday house recently finished. Due to the sensitive nature of the undulating site, it was decided that minimal site disturbance and zero site excavation would be the most appropriate course of action. The house sits on a split-level timber sub-floor, allowing for the […]

  • DSC_5045_800x600
    Le Cavage

    Material: masonry, weatherboard, plywood, recycled timber Built: 2010 Location: Macedon Shire Le Cavage is a private agricultural concern specializing in boutique produce in the Macedon Sire. We were commissioned to create a modern yet complimentary addition to an existing weatherboard farm house, which would fit in with the landscape and be as energy efficient as […]

  • CARPORT___800x600
    Manna Manor

    Our second home designed and to be built for the Blue Mount Rise Estate, a low-density housing sub-division based on sustainable living principles. This three bedroom + study home makes very efficient use of space in a compact plan which also offers plenty of interest in the third dimension. The bulk of the house has […]

  • Telescope House
    Telescope House

    To be built in a rural style residential subdivision, the Telescope House is a hybrid construction of strawbale, highly insulated weatherboard walls and corrugated iron. The main elements of the brief were to allow for home office spaces separate from the hub of the living areas, an outdoor living area with a hot tub positioned […]

  • DECK-2_800x600
    Coburg Addition

    Our brief was to improve the amenity and enjoyment of this home. We have redeveloped the kitchen and bathroom and added a living area wing that flows from the original house and opens up to the north sun and the backyard.

  • SANS-ROOF-01_800x600
    Mt Elephant House

    This family home is to be the farmstead headquarters for a large farming property. Situated in an unforgiving environment, where strong winds can blow frequently from any direction all year round, with hot summer sun and cold winter temperatures, the design needed to be extremely versatile. Thermal mass core walls and highly insulative strawbale walls […]

  • DECK____800x600
    Zoe Olive Farm

    A proposed eco-relaxation retreat set amidst the olive groves of this commercial boutique olive oil farm. Featuring a restaurant with cooking classes, massage and spa treatment rooms, and self-contained guest accommodation. Concept design for Zoe Olive Farm, eco-resort in central Victoria. Using modular engineered timber portal frames, with strawbale infill, local stone and corrugated iron. […]